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Product Image - Recessed Bridge Pins, Forged

Recessed Bridge Pins

Product Image - Tap End Studs

Tap End Studs

Product Image - Upset Threaded Rods

Upset Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods are also supplied as multiple unit rods connected with Turnbuckles, Clevises or Sleeve Nuts in any desired length, plus plate washers to customer specifications.
To protect the thread ends for shipment it is recommended to have the rods fitted with necessary accessories such as Nuts, Turnbuckles or Clevises.
Rods can be galvanized or painted to your specification.
STANDARD: American Institute Steel Construction.
THREAD: Unified National Coarse (UNC), Class 2A, unless otherwise specified.
COMMERCIAL TOLERANCE: Length + 1/2" - 0" per 10' and Straightness 1/4" in 5'
Product Image - Double End Studs

Double End Studs

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